Enjoy Paradise

Enjoy Paradise

How to Enjoy Andros Island-Bahamas

Andros Island is the largest island in the Bahamas which is famously known as the third largest barrier reef. This island has attracted avid fishermen to catch that huge bonefish and to have the bragging rights upon their return saying they have visited “The Bonefish Capital of the World”.

Most of these people live on the east coast of the island in the three major towns on the island; Nicholls Town and Andros Town on North Andros, and Congo Town, on South Andros.

Nicholls Town is located in the northern region of Andros Island which has a very nice crescent beach, few pubs, small lodges, eatery stands, and restaurants. If you want to explore some lost treasure, you might be interested by spending the day at Morgan’s Bluff. There are a few local pubs that are the original structure which will remind you of the pirate era with the old wood and stone structure.  Lodging:  Stafford Creek Lodge or Kamalame Cay Resort

Andros town is located in the central region of Andros Island. The Andros Lighthouse and Yacht Club and Marina is Located at the junction of Fresh Creek and the Atlantic Ocean and is marked by its namesake a 107 year old lighthouse now the logo of Andros Island, Bahamas.  Lodging:  Small Hope Bay Lodge

Congo Town is located in the southern region of Andros Island.  Andros Island is also a favorite of scuba divers that can explore the blue holes and reefs. The island is adjacent to the “Tongue of the Ocean”, which is approximately 6000 feet drop off and is famous for its wall diving.

You can also go Biking, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, diving, and enjoy the natural beautiful beaches. If you are ocean fisherman, the Tongue holds snapper, mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, and marlin just waiting for your hook!

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