Enjoy Paradise

Enjoy Paradise

Yosemite National Park

Did you know that Yosemite is located in California and is over 1200 acres of breathe taking waterfalls, old Sequoia trees, nature made cliffs, and the most extensive rock-mountain formation that you will ever experience.

Are you into hiking up to 4700 feet above the valley of Yosemite which is a natural rock formation called "The Half Dome"?

Courtesy of National Geographics

Are you interested in shooting beautiful pictures from Glacier Point to capture Yosemite Valley, Half Dome and Vernal Falls?  Well, you must make plans to spend a great day outdoors!

Here is a guide to the best hotels that you can view and then book your reservations.  

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Charleston, South Carolina

The city of Charleston, South Carolina holds an enormous amount of which entails over 300 years of  American History for which you will enjoy with your family and friends.  If you are interested in taking a guided tour, why not consider booking your reservations with Historic Charleston Tour.  I assure you, you will not be disappointed!

If you wanted to experience the deep south era and get the feel of the epic movie of "Gone with the Wind", you would definitely enjoy this tour!

If you interested in learning about the local haunts, look no further, you can take the Old Charleston Walking Ghost Tour and you will be pleasantly surprised to learn about the local ghosts of yesterday!

Photo credits:  Charleston Tours

Island Time Massage

If you are in need of an outstanding relaxing massage, look no further, while visiting Charleston, South Carolina, you can take a scenic road trip through the beautiful landscape of this state to end your destination at Island Time Massage I assure you, you will not be disappointed!

State of Maryland

The State of Maryland offers a wide variety of daily activities to explore with your family and friends.  If you are seeking a peaceful setting, you should visit the Thomas Point Lighthouse which was erected on 1875.

If you are an avid boater, why not try your skills by renting a pleasure boat, sailing yacht or a schooner. 

If you or a member of your family is a veteran, you might enjoy visiting Airmen Memorial Museum.

And let's not forget the amazing Blue Crabs which is the history and commerce of Maryland.   

Thomas Point Lighthouse

State of Vermont

With fall just around the corner, you should plan a cheap vacation or a travel package to the beautiful state of Vermont.  You can relax just watching the beautiful leave foliage, check out the local ski lodges, go fishing on a lake, air breath taking views of the Green Mountains or visit a self contained farm. 

You can plan your daily adventures to include visiting to Dog Mountain, Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Vermont's Covered Bridges or Snow Farm Vineyards.

Are you up for a ride through the beautiful countryside, down Route 100 in Waterbury Center, sits the fabulous Grand View Winery.

Famous Covered Bridges
Photo compliments of Sterling News-Sterling Elementary School

Does extraordinary art peek your interest?  Why don't you plan a trip to explore the Hope Cemetery famous designers of outstanding granite artwork?  The cemetery was first established in 1895 and sits on over 53 acres in Barre, VT.

And finally, after a long and exciting day of sight-seeing, you final stop should be to the Three Penny Taproom to relax and enjoy the fond memories you will share for years to come.

Vermont Countryside

Chocolate Fondue and Fresh Fruit

Chocolate Fondue and Fresh Fruit is a great to share with family and friends, while fulfilling your chocolate craving and eating your daily requirements of fruit.   As you know, you can select peaches, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, seedless grapes and cherries. 

8 oz plain chocolate, broken into squares
1 1/4 cups single cream
2/3 cup icing sugar
1/3 cup unsalted butter

1 tsp vanilla essence

FRUIT Suggestions:

12 strawberries
2 oranges, divided into segments
2 bananas, cut into chunks and dipped in lemon juice
6 small bunches of grapes
Shortbread fingers

Place all the fondue ingredients in a flameproof pot and heat gently, stirring until melted.  Keep warm, if necessary, at the side of the barbecue (but not directly over the coals or it might burn). Arrange the fruits on six serving plates with some shortbread fingers.

Then ready to serve, make sure the fondue is hot, then bring to the table and serve with forks to dip the fruits into the chocolate.  Dip shortbread fingers in last to scoop up the dregs.

Recipe credit to ifood.tv

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Myrtle Beach has become one the fastest growing cities for those that want to take your next travel tour, vacation spots and travel trips. 
The adventures are unlimited which includes Ripley's Aquarium, The Carolina Opry, Family Kingdom Amusement Park, SunCruz Casinos, Hopsewee Plantation and Brookgreen Garden. 

The Carolina Opry

When planning your next travel trip with your favorite family pet, you will definitely need to review the Caribbean Oceanfront Resort or Captains Quarter Resort which included a on site water park to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Pirate Shipwreck Waterpark

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Best Zip Lining Adventures-USA

Are you planning your next travel destination that would include an extreme adventure and a thrill seeker?  You should consider planning an awesome experience by researching the best zip lining in the USA!

If you are ready for some excitement, look no further, as I will provide you with some amazing locations to consider.  `Are you interested in soaring like a bird over a forest, view a volcano, walk across sky bridges,or soar over a canyon?  

Have I peeked your interest yet?   If so, please click on The Most Extreme Zip Lines In America!   

Best Shelling Beaches-USA

The Best Shelling Beaches have been examined and explored by Dr. Beach aka Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman who is a scientist and is currently teaching his knowledge at the Florida International University

Before planning your next travel destination to find the Best Shelling Beaches, you should read Dr. Leatherman's article in Coastal Living magazine which provides you all of information to plan you next adventure.

He has provided you as the reader with the 31 best beaches to have fun in the sun which might include shelling, riding waves, building sand castles or just relaxing.   He also includes some interesting places to stay along with some recommendations on where to go for that fabulous meal!
Photo credit: fotosearch.com

I do hope that you will find this article great information to have the best beaches in the USA.

Cheap Tickets, Cheap Hotels-Las Vegas

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