Enjoy Paradise

Enjoy Paradise

Best Zip Lining Adventures-USA

Are you planning your next travel destination that would include an extreme adventure and a thrill seeker?  You should consider planning an awesome experience by researching the best zip lining in the USA!

If you are ready for some excitement, look no further, as I will provide you with some amazing locations to consider.  `Are you interested in soaring like a bird over a forest, view a volcano, walk across sky bridges,or soar over a canyon?  

Have I peeked your interest yet?   If so, please click on The Most Extreme Zip Lines In America!   


Ryan said...

I'm such a coward, would it be OK if I just lay sun bathing on that beautiful looking beach.

Melissa said...

Hello Ryan,

I know exactly what you mean! I would probably scream the entire time. As you, I do prefer a quiet & peaceful beach to relax.

By Gerry said...

A wonderful view.

Polly said...

Oh, Melissa, I would love to be able to do this, but I would have to take a handful of tranquilizers first then I still think someone would have to forcefully throw me on!!! It sure looks like fun, but I am too wimpy for this!!

Melissa said...

Thank you Gerry & Polly for reading my ZIP Lining article. I agree with Polly, I have a fear of heights, so, I would need something to talk me into actually do it!!!

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