Enjoy Paradise

Enjoy Paradise

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you are a history enthusiast, why not consider visiting the City of Philadelphia as your next travel destination?

The City of Philadelphia has our country’s heritage, culture, history and the “city of brotherly love” that will intrigue a captive audition from children to adults.

The most popular attraction is the Betsy Ross House which will make you feel as if you were an invited friend while she performed her upholstery work. She is the best known seamstress in the USA.

Our symbol of freedom, The Liberty Bell was made in 1753, and is currently displayed at the Independent Hall. The Liberty Bell is 12 feet in circumference, weighs 2080 lbs, and the clapper weight 44 lbs. It is very impressive.
The City of Hall is the largest municipal building in the USA which contains over 14.5 acres.

You can see visit The Graff House where Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence.

If watching where pocket change and commemorative coins are made, you will need to visit The United States Mint.

If you want to experience the revolutionary era, you will not be disappointed if you see the 3-D show at the Liberty 360.

The Bolt of Lightning which is a memorial to Benjamin Franklin which is a giant sculpture representing his kite flying experiment.

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